BeatQuantum - Quantum Safe Computing Lab.

Applied Post Quantum Cryptography Section

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What is in this laboratory?

This is my laboratory for application research. It uses the NIST Cryptography Round 2 and 3 candidates. It applies those to OpenSSL and OpenSSH. Current list includes p521 hybrids, kyber1024, ntru_hps4096821, firesaber; dilithium 4, falcon 1024 and rainbowVcclassic..

I hope to be able to provide Test Root Certificates. They will cover L1, L3 and L5 security levels. I intend to automate the scripts for Linux testing.

The time to experiment with Quantum Safe algorithms is now. I would love to beat quantum computers before they beat encryption. This Lab is one of the many BeatQuantum servers.

Range of BeatQuantum Servers

BeatQuantum is my playground. It is created as an academic proof-of-concept and includes the following experimental servers:

All servers in the lab deploy robust encryption algorithms. These are difficult to crack using quantum computers. I will share the scripts or steps used to create these servers on GitHub.

I will add new servers e.g. DNS servers when I get the time. I may delete some of the above servers when the experiment is over.

Cybersecurity research and me

My academic research is just mine. It is not a business. I have a day job too. In my spare time I enjoy playing with computers. I create my own systems, break systems and test their cyber security. I will remain a student of cybersecurity all my life.

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